What pump???

  • Last Post 22 April 2017
PetePerrone posted this 21 April 2017

I have done some rough calculations for my pool to try to determine which replacement pump to get, but having trouble figuring out which one!

I figure the pool is around 15,000 gal.

Avg. head feet is 53

I believe the gpm is around 32 required to clean the pool.

I'm looking for recommendations for a variable speed pump.


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InyoRob posted this 21 April 2017

Hello PetePerrone - We'd be glad to assist you. Based on your pool parameters, we would recommend the PureLine Prime model PL2605. This is a 1.65 HP variable speed pump.

PureLine Prime Variable Speed Pool Pump 1.65 HP - PL2605

PetePerrone posted this 22 April 2017

So, I just measured the pool and it is smaller than I thought, its only 6,750 gallons.  What does that do for your recommendation?

InyoRob posted this 22 April 2017

There is not a smaller option for this variable speed pump. It will still work and be energy efficient on a smaller pool.