What paint material should i use ?

  • Last Post 18 February 2019
Liquid72 posted this 14 February 2019

 Hello my name is Mark I own a custom paint shop in Clearwater Florida. I have been doing commercial work for the city for a few years and they now want me to paint some water slides and fiberglass structures for pools. What type of paint should I use for repainting a waterslide or any fiberglass  structure that would remain half in a pool ?

InyoRob posted this 18 February 2019

Sorry for the delay. We contacted a rep at Olympic paint. HIs response is below.

We have products that will work but the issue is chalking. Most of our products are for the inside of the pool. Below the water line. It can be primed with the gunzite primer and then top coated with the zeron (epoxy paint). Stay with the lighter colors. Also, these products dry to a high gloss in slippery areas. May want to broadcast some x905 skid mix for a non-skid area.