Warranty Service on a Raypak Heater

  • Last Post 29 August 2016
Ivorok posted this 20 August 2016

Hi, I purchased a Raypak Heater 336,000 BTU's NG ELE W/ Cupro-Nickel just under three months ago and had it installed (by my local pool company). Worked fine until today. Now there is a message 'Sensor Short'. The heater is no longer functioning. how do I go about obtaining warranty service? I have heard not many tech's will provide warranty service on an internet purchased piece of equipment. Should I just bite the bullet and pay for the service and ignore the warranty? Many thanks!

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InyoRob posted this 23 August 2016

Hello Ivorok - We contacted our Raypak rep and this was his response.

Looks like this is a temp sensor. We can send the part at no charge if we have model, serial and address. We can also see if we can get a warranty center to check out. We are working on getting more warranty centers that will work on Internet heaters. Let me know how you would like to handle.


You can email the requested info to upload@inyopools.com



Ivorok posted this 27 August 2016

He Rob, thanks a million. Your after care service is OUTSTANDING!! I actually took a look at the heater and saw where the three sensor wires had frayed (looks like a manufacturing foul up) and was able to correct and get it going. No need for a new part. Thank You very much for the quick response! Much appreciated.

InyoRob posted this 29 August 2016

We're glad you were able to get the heater back up and running. We appreciate you coming back and giving us an update. Thank you again for shopping with INYO!