V Green Variable speed pump sound

  • Last Post 31 July 2022
BrentPool posted this 08 March 2022

I installed the Century V Green variable speed motor just over a year ago. It has been great in terms of efficiency and all. I'd did not close my pool in winter (Nashville, TN) and it has worked like a charm. However, in the last week or so, I hear a noise that is somewhat between a grind and a screech. There is no water or air leak. I cleaned the skimmer of any debris. It still makes that noise. It's not very loud but am concerned about it being an early sign of something going down. Any ideas or pointers would be much appreciated. 

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InyoRob posted this 10 March 2022

It could be bearings going bad but that wouldn't be normal after a year. Plus, you don't see any leaks between the motor and housing.

I had a similar issue with my variable speed pump. Debris had worked its way into the fan at the back of the motor. I took the guard off the back, cleaned out the debris, and put the cover back on. That solved my issue.

Another issue could be the pump impeller. It may be damaged and rubbing against the diffuser.

BrentPool posted this 15 March 2022

Thank you, Rob. I'll follow that routine - hopefully this weekend - and post my experience here. Never hurts to check (clean) those parts anyway. 

BrentPool posted this 31 July 2022

Sorry, I never followed up as I promised. I did all I could to clean it up, checked the seal and changed it.... the noise continued until one day last week, there was a huge grating noise and there was no power to the motor. (Upon which I stoppped using the motor, I cut it off) I checked voltage at supply and everything was fine. i have two other pumps/motors that are running just fine (spa and jets). I've read other similar issues on the web about this motor. Is there a manufacturing issue that I should be aware of? Can anyone share experience with this motor? What is my recourse now? (The pool is a bloody mess right now). Thank you!