Skimmer Equalizer and skimmer mismatching

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cinoaz posted this 19 August 2022

My pool has two skimmers, each one has two openings.  On one of the skimmers, the front opening is sealed.  On the other skimmer, the Front opening goes to the main drains in the pool, both back openinings in both skimmers go back to pump (isolated lines).

Ok, my pool came with a Diverter(Item on left in picture).  I was told to leave it in the skimmer in case the water level drops below the skimmer level, the skimmer will pull from the Main Drains.  However, that is the ONLY place the main drains are connected, thus, I get no water movement in the middle of the pool (location of drains) as long as there is water coming into the weir gate of the skimmer.

So I ordered an equalizer so I can adjust how much water gets pulled from the skimmer vs the main drains, the problem is, as you can see, it's the wrong size.  I've searched and searched and I can't find any equalizer that fits the dimension of my skimmer.  My diverter (item on the left) has SP1070FB, the Skimmer cover plate has SP1070 on it.

As you can see in the pics, where the two holes are at the bottom, there's no "insert" or anything, there's no gap for a rubber o-ring that these equalizers come from, and you can see there is an ":eye" indentation at the bottom that I haven't seen in other skimmers?

I thought maybe that outer ring on my diverter was removable, so, using my Bench Vice and hammers, went to town.  Learned that larger ring is firmly attached as one unit.  I'm terribly vexed at this point trying to find the right parts here.  Hoping for a life line...




My old Diverter on left, new equalizer on Right

cinoaz posted this 20 August 2022

Learned a few things.

What I have is called a Hayward SkimMaster Series Skimmer, which, oddly, still falls under the 1070 series of products but is NOT compatible with ANY of the 1070 parts.

At the parts list in the link, you can see the larger ring for the float, that part number is SP1072FV, which, from what I can tell, has been discontinued.

Microsoft Word - IS10712.docx (

In the SP1070 schematics, you can see it's basically the same float, without the outer ring:

Automatic Surface Skimmer Models: SP1070-SP1071 (

On Hayward site, you can see the how the float rests on an inner lip of the skimmer, the float doesn't rest at the bottom of the skimmer just like all the SP1070 out there do:

skimmaster-cutaway.jpg (500×500) (

The thing is, my pool was built 2 years ago, so, I'm confused why the pool builder would choose to use skimmers if they are obsolete, yet, Hayward still sells this skimmers for sale but they don't offer any replacement parts.  Arggghhhhhh.

Another unknown is the SP1078 Equalizer Valve Assembly.  In my picture of my skimmer, you can see two small screw holes oppsite each other on one of the valve openings, that opening goes to the main drain of my pool.  SP1078 seems to be the part that goes there but there is NO information on exactly how it's suppose to work.  I'm not sure if SP1078 is meant to be used IN CONJUNCTION with SP1072FV, or SP1078 IS the replacement for SP1072FV.  Frustrating there just isn't a clear explanation on these parts.

On the Hayward site, the cutout diagram shows both the SP1072FV AND the SP1078 installed, which, I have neither at this point.  

Convert JPG to PDF online - (

To think all this started because I just want to redirect more suction to the Main Drains on my pool and less from that particular skimmer to help with turnover in the middle (deepest) part of my pool, the water gets stagnant in the middle (the deepest part) right where the pool drains are located because I'm getting ZERO pull from the main drains.