Salt cell reading high. . .board or cell to blame?

  • Last Post 15 August 2023
actxpools posted this 14 August 2023

Hello.  My Aquarite system (t15 cell) has been displaying "HI" for about a month.  I was travelling and just had the neighbor add some chlorine.  Now I am home and need to fix.  I did a water test and it is showing a 3200 but the display, before it goes "HI" reads 5500.  When I try to recalibrate it won't get lower than 5500 (starts counting backwards at 7000 or so.

I called the maker of the cell and they said HI salt is usuall a bad board in the control unit and to "get it tested".  So, is it usually a board issue or cell issue?  How do I test the board?


InyoRich posted this 15 August 2023

A high salt reading is not generally a board issue, but I would not want to contradict the manufacturer.....  What is the salt level in your pool?  Use a good test kit to get an accurate reading (some pool stores results are not terribly accurate).  Also, check your unit to be sure it is set for the correct salt cell type.  It's unusual, but they can sometimes reset themselves to a different cell type which makes the readings get a bit wonky.

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