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Schwigo posted this 05 October 2018

 My Pureline V Green 270 variable speed pump came on this evening so we could use the spa and after the prime mode completed (3 minutes) it went to full power for a few seconds and then quit with the display showing fault of "DC Undervoltage; waiting for voltage to rise."  I turned the motor control knob to "Off" and then switched the breaker off and then back on.  With the breaker on and the motor control knob still off, the LEDs on the display flash at about a half second rate.  And no matter what position I put the motor control knob in, it just flashes with no display shown.

Question: Is the motor controller dead or what is my next step?

Schwigo posted this 06 October 2018

Solved my own problem.  After a lot of troubleshooting, the DC Undervoltage fault came from a loose connection on one leg of the 240vac input.  Then the panel flashing was the result of a total loss of the one leg.  Connection cleaned and tightened and the pump is functioning just fine.

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