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  • Last Post 13 April 2021
Snapper posted this 31 March 2021

I purchased a Century 1.5 HP Round Flange 56J Up Rate Motor - B2 5212X and Tune up kit GOKIT3 late last summer. I installed the new pump last week and it hesitates to start. Most of the time it will buz for a second and then start but yesterday it buzzed several seconds so I shut it off and tried again and it still justed buzzed. I tapped on the motor a few times, tried again and it started. I checked for a clog in the impeller using a coat hanger but didn't pull antything out. I suppose it could be a bad capacitor but I don't know. Seems that after installing the shaft seal the shaft did not turn as freely. Pretty sure I installed the seal correctly and once the pump is running it sounds fine and I have no leaks. I do have an extra capcitor that I could install. What could it be?

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InyoRob posted this 31 March 2021

It does sound like a bad capacitor. Make sure your replacement capacitor matches the MFD/UF and voltage of the capacitor on the motor.

Check out our article titled "How to Test a Pool Pump Capacitor".

Snapper posted this 31 March 2021

 Thanks Rob. I do have the correct replacement capacitor. On how to test a capcitor I am not sure i understand number 5 that says "Slip a heavy piece of paper between the points on the switch". What switch and will a piece of typing paper do? I also wonder how lethal the shock from a pool pump capacitor can be. 

InyoRob posted this 02 April 2021

To be honest, I don't do that when I test them. That was a step from an older set of instructions. Don't worry about the paper.

Snapper posted this 06 April 2021

Now the pump just buzzes and won't start at all. Changing out the capacitor this eveining to see if that takes care of it. What concerns me is that the pump is new and so is the capacitor. i guess they can be bad when they are new. I wonder if the shaft seal is causing the problem because the new shaft seal is noticeably longer than the old one and not as much of the impeller shaft is exposed with the new seal installed.  I assume the old one is short because it has been compressed for so long. The old shaft seal slips onto the impeller a lot easier than the new one to. I don't understand that. It's as if the new one is not exactly right.  i noticed in your video that you had to twist the new seal onto the impeller and give it some force. I had to do the same to get it on. No I did not leave any part of the old shaft seal on the impeller. The shaft did spin after installing the impeller but not as easy as it did before the impeller was installed but from what I understand that is to be expected.  

InyoRob posted this 06 April 2021

It is common for the old shaft seal to compress over time. The shaft will not spin as freely once the shaft seal and impeller are installed.

It still sounds like a capacitor issue to me. Make sure the incoming power lines are secure on the correct terminal locations. 

Snapper posted this 07 April 2021

Well, I knew something wasn't right and it was not the capacitor. There is a rubber gasket, oring or whatever you want to call it on the bottom of the seal that goes on the impeller shaft. I left the rubber gasket from the old seal on the impleller shaft by mistake and it was not allowing the new seal to seat properly. I learned that this could happen when I watched a video yesterday and the guy nonchalantly mentioned he was taking that off. This is probably something that should be pointed out in the how to videos. The rubber gasket  looks like it's supposed to remain on the shaft but the new seal should have one so the old will need to be removed. All ended well, Now I am a shaft seal expert and the pump runs like a champ. These motors are tough so I don't think I have damage it but I didn't do it any favors either. 

Snapper posted this 07 April 2021

To make this clear, the rubber gasket is attached to the seal but can come off and stay on the shaft when the seal is removed. 


InyoRob posted this 07 April 2021

We have seen that a few times with Hayward Super Pump impellers. Did you by chance get a picture of that rubber piece? It may help some future pool owners in distress.

Snapper posted this 07 April 2021

No I didn't but I do still have the old seal and I put the rubber piece back on it. I can take a picture of that. 

Snapper posted this 13 April 2021

Suddenly my pump is leaking just a bit of water from the area between the motor and the houseing. It's really hard to tell exactly where. Probably damage to the seal because of the extra gasket. I have ordered a new seal and will do it right this time. I needed to do a little plumbing anyway so not big deal to losen 4 bolts and install the new seal while I'm at it.  I'll be sure that all the other gaskets are clearn before reinstalling the housing.  I need to post a picture of the rubber gasket on the seal that goes over the impeller shaft. 

InyoRob posted this 13 April 2021

Thanks for the update. I agree that it sounds like a shaft seal issue.

Glad the capacitor solved the original problem.