Pool motor replacement

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Duncan posted this 24 August 2018

Hi I have a Hayward superpump self priming sp1615 that recently stopped working. Is there a dual or variable speed motor I could swap this out for or do I need to purchase a whole new pump?

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InyoRob posted this 24 August 2018

Hello Duncan - According to the model number, you should have an uprated 2HP motor. This would have a 2.2 total HP rating. The dual speed motor option is model B2979. The variable speed motor option is model ECM27CU.

We recommend replacing the seals when you replace the motor. The seal kit for the Super Pump is part number 5110-25.

Duncan posted this 24 August 2018

Thank you!

Is this sufficient to move 30,000 gallons of water? The pool is 20x40 and varies from 3 to 9 ft. There is not much piping between pump and skimmer - pump house is about 4 ft from pool and pump is about 3 ft inside pump house. I was thinking to go to a dual speed. I’m not sure if we need a variable, we don’t have a spa or heater, just a vacuum. We replaced the seals and flange not too long ago, however we can replace the seals again since we are opening it up to change the motor. Thoughts on dual speed for our needs? 

Also - is this brand comparable to Hayward?

InyoRob posted this 24 August 2018

Either motor is sufficient for a 30k gallon pool. A dual speed would work well on your pool. However, a variable speed would be more energy efficient.

Century manufactures both of the motors I recommended. They also manufacture the original motors used on the Hayward pumps.

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