Hi Inyo. I am (or at least was before I signed up with InyoPools) a total novise when it comes to pools. I got my first inground pool just 6 months ago in a new built beach house. During these months, when being there on holiday, I have by curiosity observed what is happening in the pump house to understand it better. All the time I have seen some small styrofoam balls (after we unpacked our outdoor furnitures close to the pool) dancing in the air inside the glass lid of the pool pump house. Yes, correct... dancing in the air. I have now of course learned that this pump house should be flowing water, and after a heated discussion with my pool service company they turn on some knobs and valves and the water started to flow. But it has been with air for 4-5 months.

So, two things worries me; why have they not observed this issue earlier and fixed it?, and according to you guys the motor could be damaged if running air over a longer period. I have asked for a meeting next week to discuss this with the construction company. Should I demand a full inspection of the pipes and filters to check if it draws air and would you recommend a full inspection of the pool motor? I have a two year guarantee and want to ensure that everything is ok before it runs out.