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Pluto5 posted this 14 May 2021

My Hayward Pool Heater H400 NG that won't ignite. It tries 3 times but won't start. On the Automatic Ignitor Board there is a component that is burnt, R45, I'm wondering if I replace that board if that will fix the problem being that the code it shows relates to ignitor and flame. Also I heard if you replace one board you have to replace the other, is that true?


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Service posted this 17 May 2021

Hi Pluto5,

Could you give us the exact model # of your Hayward Heater it may be something like H400FDN, H400ED2, H400ED1, etc..

Thank You



Pluto5 posted this 17 May 2021

Patrick, in my question from May 14th,under pool heater, from Pluto5. 

My Hayward Pool Heater is Model # H400 IDL2

Service posted this 19 May 2021

Thanks Pluto! Here is the Ignition Control Board for the H400IDL2 which you will require. This is shown as key #15 on this Hayward H400IDL2 Heater Diagram my understanding is if your heater is manufactured after 09/2004 then the other boards do not need to be replaced.

Thank You



Pluto5 posted this 13 June 2021

I replaced the ignitor,  control board,  display board and the display keyboard and it still won't turn on. 

Orionthelab posted this 14 June 2021

My issue was ants burned out my board, but it sounds like you tried to replace that already.  Have you given Hayward a call?  What are they telling you?