Pool drain cover question

  • Last Post 11 May 2023
Granbury posted this 09 March 2023

My pool cleaner keeps getting stuck on the pool drain covers.  These are the new anti-vortex style, that stick up a lot.  My pool also has dual drains in parallel to avoid the trap hazard.  

Do I need the anti-vortex covers since I have two drains?  Interested in replacing them with flat drain covers so my pool cleaner can go over them.


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InyoRich posted this 15 March 2023

I would stick with the anti-vortex (VGB) Compliant drains - they are safer in spite of the fact that you do have multiple drains.  I would recommend something like the Polaris Unicover.  it allows most cleaners to navigate over pool drains.  They are not intended to be permanently installed, so it can be a little bit of a pain to keep installing and removing it, but it isn't too bad if your pool is not used much by other people. 

oglejunky posted this 20 April 2023

Even though you have several drains, I still recommend using those that are anti-vortex (VGB) compliant because they are the safest option. The Polaris Unicover is what I'd suggest. Most pool vacuums can go right over the drains without getting stuck.  It can be annoying to constantly set up and take down a temporary pool cover, but if your pool is rarely used by others, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. 

Granbury posted this 20 April 2023

Thanks both. Iended up changing out my pool sweep from the old style Hayward Navigator to the Zodiac. The treads on the Zodiac have no problems with the raised anti-vortex covers.

JustinBM posted this 11 May 2023

I would recommend against replacing your anti-vortex style drain covers with flat ones. Though you have dual drains, for safety measures , the anti vortex covers are important. It can  prevent the entrapment hazard. Maybe you can adjust to your pool cleaner's setting or add a different type of pool cleaner which can deal with anti vortex covers. Also, try repositioning the drains or add an additional drain cover to prevent the cleaner from getting stuck without safety can always land in trouble.