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FredKT posted this 29 August 2016

Hi, I have one of you rmesh covers now. What is the benefit of a solid cover which is abotu $200 more?


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InyoRob posted this 29 August 2016

Hello FredKT - I'll assume you're talking about safety covers based on the price difference. Safety covers come in two styles, solid and mesh. Although their durability is the same, there are some minor differences between the two that you should know about before making a purchase.

Mesh safety covers are made from premium U.V. inhibited polypropylene that has proven to be super strong and long lasting. The tight weave on the cover blocks out almost all of the algae-producing sunlight. Mesh covers are also typically less expensive than the solid covers and are rather easy to maintain as they allow snow and water to drain through. They do allow dirt and fine debris to pass through. This can make the spring clean up slightly more difficult.

 Our solid safety covers are made from a woven polyethylene material that is 35% stronger yet 33% lighter than your typical solid safety pool cover. There is an integral mesh square panel in the center of the cover that ensures the cover drains for easy removal while it screens out all but the finest dirt and debris. The square panel removes the need to purchase an additional cover pump as well. The solid material blocks out all algae-producing sunlight, for a healthier and cleaner pool.

FredKT posted this 29 August 2016

thanks for the reply. I guess we'll wait until the mesh one wears out and then get a solid one.

InyoAlan posted this 13 September 2016

Perfect, well we look forward to you making a purchase with us when you are ready. As always, if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Have an amazing day!!

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Portocall posted this 12 June 2017

I hava an inground pool and recently started using a solar cover, my Barracuda cleaner doesn't move very well under it, is there a different hose I can get or a different cleaner?

Service posted this 14 June 2017

Hi Portocall,

There is not a different hose for the Barracuda to be used with a solar cover. I have experienced the best results with a robotic cleaner the this Aquabot Apex Cleaner.

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JamesKelli posted this 28 May 2020

Question: I have a peanut shaped white fiberglass pool. Should I buy a clear solar cover or a blue solar cover and what mil thickness?