I have a Alaglas Olympian pool (https://alaglaspools.com/fiberglass-pools-spas/large-pools/olympian/) that I would like to get a pool cleaner for. This pool has a safety ledge that runs the perimeter of the pool. The ledge is 6 1/2" wide and the top is about 3 ft from my nominal water depth. The pool also has 2 sets of bucket seats and wide circular steps. Ideally, I would like a cleaner that would clean the ledge steps and seats as dirt accumulates there, but primarily I want to make sure the cleaner I get won't become fouled trying to climb into the seats or the ledge. I do want it to clean walls and ideally the waterline. If there isn't a robot that can clean the top of the ledge is there one that at least crawl over it and get the waterline? If I have to occasionally brush the seats, ledge and steps that s not the end of the world. But I would expect to pay less for a robot that can only clean up to the ledge.