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BigAre posted this 29 August 2022

Been using a Polaris 380 with booster pump for 20 years in my vinyl pool. Never had any problems. Had to replace the leader hose that goes from the back up valve to the cleaner unit. Also replaced all the floats on the entire hose. Now the cleaner will not climb the vertical walls. Tried replacing all 3 tires but no help. Is this an issue with the hose or something else?

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JustinBM posted this 09 May 2023

It's possible that the issue with your Polaris 380 cleaner not climbing the walls is not related to the recently replaced hoses or floats. Check the filter bag or screen, booster pump pressure, and tire inflation/wear to diagnose the problem.

BigAre posted this 22 November 2022

Thanks. Everything is shut down and winterized here in Iowa. Will get back at it in the spring.

BigAre posted this 27 September 2022

My 20 year old Polaris 380 still has its original backup valve. It cycles about every 90 seconds. The new backup valves are supposed to cycle every 3 minutes. Is the new valve an improvement?

bruane posted this 06 September 2022

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BigAre posted this 02 September 2022

Thank you. You are very helpful.

I love this forum

InyoRich posted this 02 September 2022

The Back-up Valve Kit for Polaris Pool Cleaners (g52) should be a direct replacement for your old backup valve.  

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BigAre posted this 31 August 2022

Looking at possibly replacing the backup valve. I still have the old style "football type" backup valve. Is the current new style backup valve a direct replacement or do I have to install a complete conversion kit.

BigAre posted this 30 August 2022

Thanks alot. I will check all those angles.

InyoRich posted this 30 August 2022

That is a good question.  Is the new hose stiffer than the old hose?  Is the new hose curled up or straight?  Be sure it is secure and in good condition (I know it's new, but be sure the new hose and the rest of the hose does not have any leaks).  If yours has the football-shaped float ballast, be sure it is not full of water.  

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