Pool bottom rails

  • Last Post 03 March 2021
Unknown posted this 02 March 2021

I'm in need of a botton rail. And you have the exact measurements of the one I need. I don't know the name of the pool. We had it when we moved here 20 years ago. The part number that I matched last fall was NLR 1460064. Which says it's out of stock this season. Which is what it said since last fall. Will you be getting that part in?  We are trying to get a couple years out of this pool before installation of a new one. 

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InyoRob posted this 03 March 2021

I confirmed the measurements of NLR-1460064 and what we have listed on the product page is accurate. The rim closest to your measurement is part number 14077. A 54-1/4", B 53-5/8", and C 1". Click Here to View Part Number 14077

Unknown posted this 03 March 2021

The measurements are not the same on this as the number last season. My measurements are A 54 1/4. B 53 3/4 and C 1 inch. Please advisr

InyoRob posted this 02 March 2021

Part number NLR-1460064 is now available. We expect to start shipping them out by this Friday. Click Here to View the NLR-1460064

We also offer a 4 pack at a discounted rate. The part number is NLR-1460064-PACK4