Painting Parts?

  • Last Post 12 April 2022
DaveTaylorUBE posted this 02 June 2018

We just ordered and received new top plates,- the parts that came in are steel with a glossy finish.

Should we lightly sand and paint them?  

It's an oval pool, and these plates are for the radius,- our plates for the flats were okay and are unpainted, but the original radius plates that rusted were painted.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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joetuckeruj posted this 20 December 2021

If that glossy finish bothers you, paint them.

sam098765 posted this 23 December 2021

Dude, that's a three-year-old thread... However, I agree with you. In general, I believe everyone's slogan should be "if you don't like it, change it." That was a philosophical moment, haha. That's the reasoning I used when I chose to trade in my tiny, run-down apartment for a larger one with a new fix. I went into debt, had it repainted, and hired a painter decorator dublin. And voilà, I'm happy. Okay, I've rambled a little. As a result, it is preferable to paint them because the glossy surface often causes discomfort.

northropharby posted this 12 April 2022

I am not a professional in this field, and I can't help you with a proper answer to your question. But, happily, we live in an era where you can find almost everything by just making one click on Google. There are many articles on the internet where you can find out how to paint those parts properly, and which paint you should use for that. If you are interested, visit, I am sure you won't be disappointed about it.