Opening pool, cant get chlorine

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Neondolphin posted this 14 May 2019

 Total Hardness 0

Free Chlorine 0

Total Chlorine 0

PH 6.2

18,000gallon above ground

Alkalinity - less than 60ppm

The Clorox pool app said to add calcium hardness increase first.  Added 5.5 lbs as reccomended. Started with 0.  Adding brought it up to 110. Then added 3 bags of shock in attempt to raise PH some before adjusting. 14 hours later total hardness is back to 0, chlorine and free chlorine 0, alkalinity still too low and ph still 6.2.  After 3 hours calcium was 150, total chlorine was at 1 and free chlorine was at 1.  But again, now it's all zeros.

I think I need some help as to which order to add chemicals so the water can keep chlorine.  I have not used algaecide yet, the bottle says to adjust chlorine first.  I'm sure theres some non visible algae.  Water is slightly cloudy but I can see the bottom clearly.

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InyoRob posted this 14 May 2019

We'd be glad to assist you. What is your cyanuric acid level (CYA)? It is also called the stabilizer level.

Neondolphin posted this 14 May 2019

Its zero also

InyoRob posted this 14 May 2019

The chlorine won't hold until you get the CYA level up. The goal should be about 50 ppm. Add 7.5 pounds of cyanuric acid/stabilizer. 

Then adjust the pH level to 7.2-7.8. Add 12 pounds of pH Plus/soda ash.

In the meantime, you can add more chlorine so that the pool doesn't turn green.

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