Old pool light wire stuck in plaster

  • Last Post 16 June 2021
Fendter posted this 11 June 2021

I have an old 70s pool with a pool light and a junction box right above. Trying to remove the old light fixture I noticed that the wire is plastered into the conduit. It moved for maybe 2in and now it is completely stuck. What is the best way to break/chisel away the old plaster in order to let the wire move freely?

Service posted this 16 June 2021

Hi Fendter,

Any luck with this? The wire should definitely not have been plastered into the conduit. This will be trial and error on your end doing whatever you can to try and free the wire loose. Make sure to turn the power off at the breaker to the light when you are working on it. Please report back to this post to let us know how it goes.

Thank You