Okay to use a Pentair gunnite return jet on old Trojan foam wall pool?

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RScottB posted this 10 May 2021

We thought our pool was fiberglass and I bought a Pentair return jet fitting to replace an old, leaky one. Rather than try to finagle a way to remove the old, sealed jet, I opted to let sleeping dogs lie and drilled a new hole for the fitting. That is when I discovered the pool is actually made of foam and the wall was thicker. The new fitting would not protrude enough the secure on the outside with the nut, but it appeared it would work well otherwise. I just bought new Pentair long body return jet fittings from you yesterday. From the specs, I'm sure they'll fit through okay, but now I'm a little uncertain about the whole project. I don't anything about foam pools. Had never heard even heard of them before, and just want to be sure that using these new inlets won't cause some unforeseen issues. Many Thanks!


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Service posted this 11 May 2021

Hi Scott, You should be fine with those fittings. My only concern would be leaking so after install I would Dye Test around the fittings to make sure there is no leaking. We put together this Article on How to Dye Test for Swimming Pool Leaks which you may find helpful.

Thank You



RScottB posted this 18 May 2021

So the part is in and hooked up. Filling the pool now and hoping for no leaks. I had the order of the gaskets from the inside of the pool to the outside as--rubber - pool wall - cork - rubber. Is that right? If not, how catastrophic a mistake is it?  Thanks!