Need to identify white buildup on pool coping

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DIYPoolMan posted this 21 December 2021


Anyone know what the white buildup on the pool coping is? Note, it is not on the pool tile but on the coping. 

Any thoughts on removing it much appreciated.



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DIYPoolMan posted this 22 December 2021

Used a pool brush with water and lightly went over the "white" depoits. They came off immediately as shown in this picture



Will see if they come back..  Bill

InyoRob posted this 23 December 2021

Hello Bill - Looks like scale to me. Was the water level up around the coping for any period of time?

DIYPoolMan posted this 23 December 2021

We had a recent rain storm here in southern California. Wonder if that caused it.

You mentioned scale. interesting. The pool chemistry readings are in the right range but I don't think I tested for Calcium level.

InyoRob posted this 28 December 2021

Is it a salt water pool? Maybe the water level rose and when it came back down, the salt residue was left behind.

DIYPoolMan posted this 29 December 2021

Not a saltwater pool.......

DIYPoolMan posted this 17 January 2022

I am still toying with this recurrent issue. I suspect it could be effloresence, not calcium buildup. (Still ir's odd.  The pool water was entirely replaced about 7 months ago and the water Calcium hardness is about 395. HIgher than I'd like. The Calium hardness from the hose used to fill the pool is 163.)