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MatthewKitchin posted this 07 June 2017

Hello all. Great community. I'm a first time pool owner, and I have found a wealth of information on this site. This is my first post. See link below for pictures of all my equipment. Please ignore the messy wiring to the Chlorinator. I had that installed today, and they did not do a clean job on the cabling. I will tidy that up. The pool was a mess when I bought the house, but all is well now. Chemicals are in range, and everything is working. I swapped out a rusty switch for a timer and cleaned up some dangerous wiring. Pool is ~12,000 gallons. After reading all the guides, I realize I'm missing a pressure gauge. I asked the company that installed my chlorinator to install one, but they forgot to bring it. I said I would do it myself. I assumed it would go on top of the filter (3rd picture), but the tech here today said it would go on the side of the multiport valve (6th picture). Can anyone advise where the optimal location would be, and what part number I should buy? I'm assuming it will be as easy as a few wraps of teflon tape and screwing it into place. I’m not positive on all my part/model numbers as some of them are impossible to read. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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pumprnickelbred posted this 07 June 2017

 Hey Matthew, 

Looks like you have a Hayward S-240. Inyo has a page with all the replacement parts for that filter. Here is the link:

The part number for the gauge is 4726-0

The installer is correct, it does go on the multiport valve. You should post some pictures and let everyone know how the installation goes. 



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MatthewKitchin posted this 07 June 2017

Thanks! Part ordered from Inyo. 

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Service posted this 07 June 2017

 Matthew thanks for the post and thank you pumprnickelbred everything you said is spot on!

Thank You