Maintenance prior to opening the pool

  • Last Post 08 March 2017
Danielle posted this 01 March 2017

I have a mesh cover and the pool is dark green every time it's opened.  Is there anything that can be done now in preparation for opening so it doesn't look so green, or take days to fix it?

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InyoRob posted this 02 March 2017

Hello Danielle - Assuming the water is not frozen, you can peel back the cover and some liquid chlorine. We would also recommend adding more preventative algaecide. Since the pump is not running, you'll need to stir the chemicals around the pool with a pool pole. This should help keep the water cleaner until you open up the pool.

sandea1 posted this 06 March 2017


Hi there, we have a pool build in the backyard. I used to maintain it on a regular basis. Since we use the pool regularly the chances of it getting dirty is more. So I used to vacuum the pool and also clean the skimmers and the pumps. I would like to share a blog which I found online and it helped me a lot. I hope that this blog would help you to maintain the pool.

InyoRob posted this 06 March 2017

 Thank you for the feedback Sandea1! That article does have very useful knowledge regarding pool maintenance.

thelma posted this 07 March 2017

Yeah, informative article by Sandea. Thanks for sharing. 

sandea1 posted this 08 March 2017

Thank you Inyorob and Thelma.