Lighting Fixture Rust

  • Last Post 25 May 2021
Ockham posted this 24 May 2021

I had a new liner put in two years ago and I just reopened the pool and I'm seeing what looks like rust seeping out around the edges of the light fixture. Plus, hard to see from the photo, the light seems to be taking on some water. I am on a chlorine system but switching to salt in the next two weeks. I'm thinking if I dont address this now it's going to get worse quick. 


How do I fix this and do I need to drain the pool to do it?

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Orionthelab posted this 25 May 2021

You will need to replace the face rim on this light.  It might be your niche that is rusting.  So that also might need to be swapped out too.  Not sure what light this is, but you might be able to get a plastic rim / niche for this light.  Here is the link to light parts...

Ockham posted this 25 May 2021

Thanks.   Based on the size, I believe that I have a large stainless pentaire niche. I removed the light and the interior looks ok.  I think this rust may be coming from the steel pool backing panel which feels solid at least.  

Do I need to drain the pool down and pull back the liner to install this?  I now I dont to just change the fixture but I'm not so sure about a new gasket and faceplate and cant find a lot of guidance online.  I am wondering if this is a DIY job or something I need a pool pro for. 

Orionthelab posted this 25 May 2021

I made this video years ago replacing the light (gasket and faceplate) on my sister's pool...

I want to say it was a Pentair, but it's been a while since I last did this.