Jandy AguaPure Code 124

  • Last Post 15 July 2020
millamonster posted this 04 June 2019

Good morning.  I have a Jandy Nature2 Fusion salt water system that is esentially an AquaPure 1400 system (I believe).  It's showing a code of 124 (high current to cell).  I replaced the PIB (Power Interface Board) and the error code is still present.  I have power cycled the system a few times and the power was off when I installed the new PIB.  The service light is on due to the error code.  The cell indicator light only inlluminates for a second or so every so oftern.  No chlorine is being produced.  I powered the system off and removed the cable to the cell.  After powering the system on again, the error code of 124 is still present and there are no additional error codes.  This seems odd to me since the cell is unplugged.  I have contacted Zodiac (Jandy) via email but have not yet heard back from them.  The system was installed with the pool three years ago and it's installed in the large AquaLink RS cabinet.  The cell is the same age as the system.  I'm hesitant to replace the cell due to the cost but I realize their lifespan is 3-5 years.  It just seems like it's not a cell issue since disconnecting it seems to change nothing.  Thank you.

MML032 posted this 15 July 2020

Hello Millamonster, I've got the same situation, code 124 remains after change of PIB, wonder how dis you solve your problem. 


Thanks indeed.