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JamesM1948 posted this 16 June 2021

I am constantly adding acid to lower PH and changing out portions of the water every swim season .I have trouble with PH climbing upwards too much and CYA climbing too much in my case is Liquid Chlorine is best ?? I currently use 24 oz per week calcium hypochlorite granule combined with a floater with two tabs per week of stabilized chlorine . I live in hot Houston and my pool is 14000 gallons and rarely used..... Big no no !! Please advise!! Thanks James swcad@yahoo.com

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JCMC70 posted this 16 June 2021

There are automatic chlorinators for liquid chlorine.

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JCMC70 posted this 16 June 2021

Hi James,

What PH level are you trying to maintain and how high does it get before you lower it?

What is the TA level? If the TA level is too low or too high, that can cause big swings in PH.

The CYA levels going up is due the stabilizer in the tabs.

A 3" Trichlor tab weighs approximately 8 oz. Each tab adds 2.4 ppm of stabilizer to 14000 gallons of water.

With liquid chlorine you don't get any of these issues. The only thing liquid chlorine adds to the water is chlorine and a little salt.


JamesM1948 posted this 16 June 2021

TA 180 PH 8.4 CYA 150 try to get it down to  about 7.5 which if I do it bounces back up in 24 hrs... How ofen will I have to add liquid chlorine if I get all the other things in balance and ri-un pool 8  hrs a day in texas heat and a half day of sun hitting the pool? 


Tahnks James


JCMC70 posted this 16 June 2021

The TA level is very high. But that isn't your biggest issue. The CYA level is almost 3 times the recommended range of 40 ppm.

The problem with this is the amount of sanitizer it takes to sanitize the pool water. No matter what the sanitizer is. The high the stabilizer level is, the more chlorine it takes to do the job.

The recommended chlorine level for water with 40 ppm of stabilizer is 3 - 7 ppm.

The recommended chlorine level for water with 100 ppm of stabilizer is 8 - 13 ppm with a target range of 11 - 13 ppm. The chart doesn't list amounts past 100 ppm and CYA levels above 70 ppm are not recommended.

Unfortunately the only ways to lower stabilizer levels is to drain water and replace it with unstabilized water or to find someone who can do a very expensive reverse osmosis operation.

I don't have any cost figures for reverse osmosis but you would need to drain about 2/3 of the water in the pool and replace it to get the stabilizer level back to acceptable levels.

On the plus side, if you do decide to drain and replace some water that should take care of the high TA level which in turn should take care of the PH bounces.

As far as the liquid chlorine, you would need to add it daily. But I have no idea how much it would take to sanitize water with 150 ppm of CYA.

 I can tell you this, if you get the CYA level down and switch to liquid chlorine you won't have the high CYA levels again.


JamesM1948 posted this 16 June 2021

Thank you very much . Is there a way to autmaticlly add chlorine that is just Clorine and doesnt have calcium in it??


Thank YOU , 

James Meyer

JamesM1948 posted this 17 June 2021

Does INYO sell em what a good one to buyand where Please and Thank you  James 

JCMC70 posted this 17 June 2021

Hopefully InyoPools service will step in here but it looks like InyoPools carries Stenner chemical feeders.

I've never looked into chemical feeders so I can't help you there. Or you could call InyoPools and I'm sure they would be happy to assist you.