Install Hayward Salt Chlorinator to Pentair Whisper-Flo VSP

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Eual28544 posted this 24 June 2021

The instructions for wiring a Hayward Salt Chlorinator (SwimPure Extreme) show connecting the black and white wires to the load side of the pump timer.  That makes sense and would be easy, except I don't have a standalone timer.  I have a Pentair WhisperFlo variable speed pump hard wired into a circuit breaker and the pump has it's own timer built in.  I understand the Hayward salt chlorinator should only be able to operate when the pump is on. I am looking for advice on how to wire this setup.  I could hard wire it into the circuit breaker except it would then always be on and I don't want that.  I am not sure that I could wire it through the pump such that it would only have power based on the when the pump's timer turned on.  I could isntall a standalone timer and set it on the same time sequencing as the pump, but that doesn't seem ideal either.  Any thoughts? Thanks, Tyler 

Service posted this 25 June 2021

Hi Eual28544,

This topic has been covered in the following forum posts and how to guides. Please review and let us know if you still have any questions, thanks so much..

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