In Ground Pool Liner Leaking

  • Last Post 08 June 2016
dennis posted this 08 June 2016

Could use some help on locating a leak in our liner?  We have a 20' x 40' in ground pool with a shallow end and an 8'6" deep end for diving board, two skimmers, corner steps with two jets, three other jets in the other corners, and lastly we also have fiberoptic lights.  We have a leak in our liner somewhere.  What is the easiest and most efficient way to find the leak? Our liner is 11 years old so I do understand that it's getting some age on it but really don't want to replace it this year.



Service posted this 08 June 2016

Hi Denny,

The first thing to do is determine if the leak is from a hole in the vinyl liner or a leak in your plumbing.

To check the plumbing, you will turn off your pool pump and then plug off your return jets and the hole(s) in the bottom of your skimmer. Let the pool sit for 24 hours and if you continue to loose water then your plumbing is fine, and the issue is with your liner.

To check for leaks in the liner you will turn your pump on and then take red dye and slowly squirt it around areas like your skimmer, returns, light, main drain and steps to see if the dye gets pulled into any of these areas, if so then you have found your leak. I hope this helps.

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