In-ground pool cover anchors

  • Last Post 16 October 2021
James771 posted this 09 October 2021


I am going to be purchasing a safety cover for an in-ground pool.  The Inyo kit comes with concrete anchors.  Do I need to order special anchors for wood/composite decking?  A couple of kits I've seen require special parts for wooden decks.


Thank you

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InyoRob posted this 11 October 2021

The wood deck anchors are not included with the stock covers. They can be purchased separately. The part number is WS005.

If you are getting a custom cover, you can select wood deck anchors on the measuring form. 

James771 posted this 16 October 2021

Thank you.  I've been waiting all week to placethe order.  I wasn't notified that  response was posted.  Thank you again.  I'll get the parts ordered.

InyoRob posted this 16 October 2021

I'll have to look into why you weren't notified of the response. However, thank you for placing the order with us!