High Pressure

  • Last Post 13 October 2020
Betsy1 posted this 10 September 2020

Had pool resurfaced over a year ago and was fine till a month ago . Pool pressure kept increasing. We cleaned the filter and was okay for about 2 weeks. Then replaced the DE filter grids and was okay for about 2 weeks. I now have it on recircuate but noticed that during this time the DE tank is wet. I did replace the tank gasket over a year ago but could that be the problem.....any other ideas???

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Betsy1 posted this 13 October 2020

We replaced the tank gasket and lubricatedit but still have the wet looking parts on the tank itself, so what now???

InyoRob posted this 16 September 2020

We'd be glad to assist you. Is the pool water clear?

The gasket is the likely cause if the water is leaking from the tank. You can try lubricating the gasket to see if that stops the leaking.

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