Hayward Tristar pool pump only runs on low speed

  • Last Post 28 October 2017
Jamaki posted this 17 July 2017

we recently replaced the diffuser on our dual speed pool pump but after putting it back together the pump will only run on low.  We double checked the wiring.  There is power going to the high speed.  It would click on then stop. But once you switch to low speed it, turns on with no issues.  So now our pool only runs on low.  Not enough to run our cleaner.  We think it might be the switch that goes from high to low but we don't know exactly how this motor works and if that is really the issue. Hoping to avoid having to buy a new motor.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Service posted this 22 July 2017

Hi Jamaki,

This is sign of one of two problems... first it may be your Run Capacitor has gone bad or it could be a bad phase winding. If it is a bad capacitor that can be replaced but if it is a bad phase winding then you would need a completely new motor as the phase winding cannot be replaced. So the options would be to replace your Run Capacitor or Replace your motor with a Hayward Tristar Dual Speed Replacement Motor. If you replace your motor you will also need a Hayward Tristar Shaft Seal. If you could give us all the specs. off of your motor label like HP, Volts, AMPS, SF, Model # then we can make suggestions on the replacement parts needed.

Thank You



okcfam posted this 28 October 2017

Simular problem with a haward two speed pump. When the switch is in the high position the motor starts in high speed for less than a second then reverts to low speed. When started in low speed it acts normally. The pump has been in use for a 2 and half years.

From what was said above this may be the "Run Capacitor" ?

If so, I'll call with the pump particulars.

Thank You,

Steve A