Hayward SwimPure Plus salt level reading won’t increase

  • Last Post 14 May 2019
nfil20 posted this 11 May 2019

I’ve recalibrated the day level on my Hayward SwimPure plus, which worked for a few days. Now, my salt is reading 3300 on my test strips, but my generator is reading 1700.  It won’t come up, no matter how many recalibrations we do.  The cell is only a year old and has been cleaned.  Any suggestions would be helpful. 

InyoRob posted this 14 May 2019

After pressing diagnostics, you should get to the following:  

  • 1. Pool temperature (xx degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius) 
  • 2. Cell voltage (xx.x volts) 
  • 3. Cell current (x.xx amps)
  • 4. Desired Output % ("0P" -- "100P" depending on knob position or input from remote pool automation controller) 
  • 5. Instant salinity ( -xxxx ppm or -x.xx grams/Liter) 
  • 6. Product name sent to the pool automation control display ("AL-0" which signifies "Aqua Rite") 
  • 7. Software revision level (r1.xx) 
  • 8. Chlorinator cell type (t-3, t-5, t-9, t-15)  

You want to make sure that the displayed cell size matches what you have and that the cell amps are within range.  

  • T-15 Amp Range: 3.1 – 8.0 amps 
  • T- 9 Amp Range: 2.3 – 6.7 amps 
  • T-5 Amp Range: 1.9 – 5.7 amps 
  • T-3 Amp Range: 1.3 – 4.5 amps

Here is the AquaRite Troubleshooting Guide which goes into this further.