hayward seal plate warped

  • Last Post 23 May 2023
Breckpool posted this 21 May 2023

 I recently purchased the mounting and seal plate for a Hayward super pump thinking the seal plate warping issue had finally been fixed.  This has been going on awhiile because I bought one last year and it was also warped.  I put it on anyway because I had to get the pump running again.  It started leaking from the bottom, but eventually leaked just a liitle bit.  So I thought this year I'll get a new seal plate, because this issue has been fixed.  I was so disappointed when the shipped seal plate was warped.

So is this normal? Or is there no longer a standard to have them flat from the manufacturer?  Has anybody else had this issue?  

Warped SP1


InyoRich posted this 23 May 2023

As odd as it may seem, that is how they are manufactured.  We are told that is like that to hold pressure towards the center of the juncture since there are only 4 bolts to hold it on and they are in the corners.  

We are happy to take it back and refund you if you are not satisfied with it - just let us know.