Hayward DEX2420MAR2 Air Relief Assembly Pro-Grid

  • Last Post 10 March 2021
atxarb posted this 08 March 2021

Hello, everyone.  I just replaced the air relief assembly atop my Hayward Pro-Grid DE filter.  After turning the pump back on, I noticed no leaks.  However, the assembly doesn't sit flush on top of the filter housing.  There's maybe 1/16" of a gap between the filter housing and the assemnbly.  Is this normal?  Unfortunately, I didn't take a close look at the old assembly before I removed it to see if had a similar gap.  Thanks for any input.

InyoRob posted this 10 March 2021

That is a normal gap. The air relief is sealed by an o-ring. As long as it is not leaking, it is ok.