Handle to closed while pump running

  • Last Post 24 May 2020
ScottSS posted this 24 May 2020

1st time doing pool maintenance on our own, and we managed to screw up.  The pump was running and we tried to move the handle from filter to backwash, but when my wife tried to move it, she had to put too much force on the handle, and it only got to closed, but she eventually forced it to backwash.  Which of course we know is a bad thing.  Some water trickled out, but now the red no flow light is on.  We have contacted our pool guy, although its Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, and our pool company isn't responding to our calls, which isn't surprising.  The pump does still run, its just the no flow condition seems to indicate it is blocked, although i don't think it is really blocked, it is likely caused by what we did to it.  What is the likely damage done from this scenario?  

lwfri1 posted this 24 May 2020

Your filter may still be in  the closed position. Might try removing the fiter valve assembly (which is generall only a few screws) so you can inspect it. Make sure you note the position of the valve flange before removing so it goes back in the same position. My guess is that the attachment of the handle to the valve shaft is damaged.