Filter not working

  • Last Post 16 June 2021
Glennj posted this 14 June 2021

Pump is pulling in water but it's not filtering and going back in to the pool. 

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Orionthelab posted this 14 June 2021

Hi Glennj,


We will need more information to help you out.  Pictures are always great.  

My initial guess based on past problems like this is. there is a clog before the pool filter.  Check your pump basket, skimmer, and pool pump impeller.  If that is not the case it might be a clogged pipe.  Also might be a clog in the actual pool filter.


Glennj posted this 14 June 2021

we tried all that. 

We blew air back from the filter into the pool yesterday, so that shows the lines are open. 

And water moves past the impeller up the pipe going into the filter. Because we were spraying the hose in the box in front of the pump impeller.. I’m still baffled by this. I can feel the impeller so there’s no bag or anything in the intake. 

Service posted this 16 June 2021

Hi Glennj,

I would suggest watching these videos we put together on this issue as they have helped many people with this issue.

Thank You