We recently purchased a new home that has an above ground pool with a return jet that has an integrated light. When opening the pool this spring we realized there is water coming out o the backside of the return where the electrical goes in. We would like to replace the return jet with a standard (no light) return jet however I'm having difficulty on deciding on what to buy in terms of the size and materials or even brands if there are cheaper/higher quality brands.

All of the lines from the skimmer ->pump-> filter->heater-> purifier are all 2 inches (outer diameter) flexible pvc (im assuming the material). The line going to the return is 2 inches however reduces to 1.5 after a ball shutoff valve closer to the return. Is it alright for the line to be reduced to 1.5 inches at the return?

Looking online for purchasing a return, many of the sites do not state the material it's made out of. Is it alright to go with ABS? From reading up on the pool plumbing, PVC is generally recommended however I don't know if there are returns that made out of PVC. I've only seen one that lists it's made out of ABS.

Im new to pool ownership and am finding this website very helpful in learning about pool systems.

Any help will be appreciated.