Connecting Aqualink RS to Hayward Heat Pump 21404t

  • Last Post 11 June 2018
tjlane posted this 09 June 2018


I recently purchased a Hayward Heat Pump 2140404t from Inyo Pools to replace my Jandy heat pump. The Jandy Heat Pump has 4 wires coming from my AquaLink RS control panel but the the new Hayward Heat pump only allows for 2 incoming wires.  I use the heat pump to heat my pool and my spa. Which 2 wires from the Aqualink RS do I connect to the Hayward Heat pump?  Or does the Hayward heat pump accept 4 wires? Thank you.

InyoRob posted this 11 June 2018

The newer square platform heat pumps, beginning 12/2016, can be set to spa mode providing a temperature setpoint range of 60 to 104 degrees F.  The external control will switch from pool for pool temp or spa for spa temp.     The external control relays close the circuit between the two terminals.  Attaching pool relay wire 1 and spa relay wire 1 to the first terminal, then pool relay wire 2 and spa relay wire 2 to the second terminal will facilitate both pool and spa control by the external controller.