Century Pump replacement - pls provide which pump and seal kit

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actxpools posted this 24 August 2021

I need to replace my pool pump, Century.  See attached photos of pump and motor sides.  Can you please provide a part list so I can order?

Looks like the pump is 193993-05 and the pump is a Jandy SHPM 1.5?

Photos attached.


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actxpools posted this 18 October 2021

Ok - can you send me a "cart" like you did before of all that I should buy so I can get it ordered?  Thanks!

InyoRob posted this 18 October 2021

If it is leaking between the seal plate and motor (keys 1 &2), the issue is usually the shaft seal. Maybe it wasn't in there 100% flush and over time, it moved. The only other reason it would leak there is a cracked seal plate, but that would be rare.

A faulty backplate o-ring would cause a leak between the seal plate and pump housing (keys 2 & 6). The diffuser o-ring would not cause a leak.

Jandy Stealth SHPF & SHPM Series Pump (2008-Current) Diagram

actxpools posted this 18 October 2021

Uh oh, now it is leaking?!  I noticed that there was water coming out the bottom of the joint between the motor and the pump housing.  This is new and it worked fine for the last month.  I ordered the kit you suggested and used my old gaskets/orings.  Could this be the cause of it?  Could the shaft seal?  How can I tell. . and, if I am going to take it apart to replsce the o-ring and diffuser ring should I replace the shaft seal again just to make sure?  Thanks!

InyoRob posted this 31 August 2021

That's awesome! Thank you for the feedback and for shopping with INYOpools.com.

actxpools posted this 31 August 2021

I replaced it on Sunday and it all went smooth.  No issues and I enjoyed doing it.  Thanks for your help.

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InyoRob posted this 26 August 2021

There are two o-rings that can be replaced while you have the pump open, the backplate o-ring and diffuser o-ring. The backplate o-ring is part number 5020-136 and the diffuser o-ring is part number R0622000.

actxpools posted this 26 August 2021

I ordered the pump and the shaft seal.  Do I need gaskets or orings (or whatever) for between the motor housing and the pump side?

InyoRob posted this 25 August 2021

You're welcome. Thank you for visiting INYOpools.com!

actxpools posted this 25 August 2021

Thank you very much.

InyoRob posted this 25 August 2021

The replacement motor is model B841 (B2841). The replacement is a full rated 1HP motor with a total HP rating of 1.65.

We recommend replacing the shaft seal when you replace the motor. The shaft seal for your Jandy Stealth pump is part number 5020-087.