Can not get a free chlorine reading

  • Last Post 28 August 2020
Angiem0405 posted this 07 July 2020

Please helppp I'm going crazy ! I have a salt water generator. I can not get a chlorine reading for weeks now ! I've tried everything possible . Little background - my polls 16500 gallons . I had phosphates took care of them not the level is down to 200 . Salt is 3350 . Stabilizer was 20 i since added more so up to 35 . PH 7.8. I superchlorinated it last last and it still shows no free chlorine !!! I've shocked it a few times in the past couple weeks and nothing . I have algae growing too ! 

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DSJ25H2O posted this 09 July 2020

I am having the same problem. There is no chlorine reading and the water is cloudy. Everyting else seems ok, I have been super chlorinating it for over 24 hours with no change.


Please help us

Inyohector posted this 28 August 2020

Most often when there is no chlorine in a saltwater pool then you may need to either clean the cell, calibrate the system or have the cell tested. No two models are the same so please refer to the manual of your specific model. If you can manually shock the pool and chlorine reads then that points to the system, most often a cell issue.