Black Algae -- be gone -- but how?

  • Last Post 27 August 2020
DIYPoolMan posted this 12 July 2020

I have a rectangular 20x40 pool with some black algae on the tiles (top edge below coping). What is the best way to get rid of it?

(I have been told to start by  "water blasting" the titles. I have also been told that one can never get rid of black algae but it can be controlled)



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PoolN00b posted this 13 July 2020

I have the same issue. Is the black algae above the water line?  I was told to take a chlorine tablet and keep scrubbing it frequently.  It's like a weed.. you can clean if the head but the tap not buries itself and it's hard to remove the roots.

Inyohector posted this 27 August 2020

Yes for black algae closer to the water's surface scrubbing with chlorine tablets on a lighter pool finish is a good trick for killing. Here's a similar guide that may assist.