Aquarite Chlorine Generator not Producing

  • Last Post 15 May 2023
DaveRay posted this 13 May 2023


I have a Hayward Aquarite Chlorine Generator system with a T-3 cell.  I installed the system in 2020 and when I opened the pool this year, it would not produce chlorine.  I have never had a problem with this in the past (I've owned the pool for eight years), as I always keep my water chemistry well-balanced.  Because I wasn't getting any alert signals from the control panel, I figured that the cell had reached its lifespan.  With this, I installed a new T-3 cell and ran it on the "Super Chlorinate" setting for 24 hours.  Then, I backed it down to 75% production. Two days later, the pool was still super cloudy and the chlorine level was almost zero.  I have checked (and triple checked) all the connections. I have reset the panel (to the T-3 setting) and I have reset the average salinity setting.  The Aquarite panel shows no signs of malfunction.  Water temp is 77 degrees, pH is 7.1, stabilizer is 51 ppm, and salinity is 3400.  I'm at a loss.  I'd be grateful for any advice you can offer.  Thank you.

InyoRich posted this 15 May 2023

Hi Dave, we are sorry to hear about that, but let us offer you a few tips and suggestions.

Although your salt cell is adding chlorine to your water, bacteria or algae are overpowering it causing it not to show up on test strips or in water kits.  There are times when you may need to boost the chlorine level in your pool manually to "shock" level (adding liquid pool chlorine tends to be the best option) and this is one of them.

Follow our guide on How To Clean A Green Pool and take note of the chlorine levels needed to get your pool to shock level and perform the overnight chlorine loss test until the chlorine level does not drop overnight.  Be sure you are using a good FAS-DPD chlorine test so you know exactly how much chlorine is in the pool and you will be swimming in crystal clear water in no time (and your salt cell will be able to keep up with the demand placed on it)!