Air leaks

  • Last Post 28 June 2017
Jweb2225 posted this 26 June 2017

So I read a bunch of the threads and quick fixes but need some suggestions.

I recently replaced my pump and it appears that each day I have to prime the pump. It seems that when the pump stops water back flows through the strainer and out. If I start it right after this occurs there is no problem but it loses the prime overnight. In addition I appear to have some bubbles exiting the jets to the pool and bubbles in the strainer. I am thinking air leak with the pvc I replaced. Could there be anything else as well? How should I go about fixing this issue?

Service posted this 28 June 2017

Hi Jweb2225,

Here are a few things I would try. First I would check for suction leaks, you can do this by adding soapy water to a spray bottle and spray all the fittings, unions, diverter valves and pipe on the inlet side of the pump as well as the pump lid. If you see the soapy bubbles being pulled in any place then this is the source of your air leak. You can also add a check valve on the inlet side of the pump this will keep the water close to the pump when the pump shuts off resulting in easier priming for the pump. The final thing we see quite often is inefficient plumbing meaning that you have a whole bunch of 90's on the inlet and outlet side of the pump, if you can reduce any of these 90's then that would help as well. Can you post a photo of your plumbing set up? Here is a Video on Fixing Pool Plumbing Issues that you may find helpful.

Thank You