Vogue resin pool model and parts identification

  • Last Post 14 July 2022
Marceli posted this 22 August 2020

Please help me identify this model of Vogue pool. It is all resin, with a metal wall (aluminum?).  The pool is 18 feet round, and 4 foot wall. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Marceli posted this 25 August 2020

I am considering parting with the pool for parts, to make money to buy a new one. it seems there are a few owners in a similar, but worse situation. Does your site sell used parts? Would you be interested in them? 

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InyoRob posted this 24 August 2020

It appears that you have a Vogue New Wave model. Unfortunately, Vogue discontinued the parts for that model and do not have any suitable replacement options. We are unable to assist you at this time.

Marceli posted this 24 August 2020

For now I have all of the parts for the pool. I am in search of a liner. Can you guys help? And thank you so much for identifying it... I thought that is what is was, but have been unable to find pictures to confirm.

InyoRob posted this 24 August 2020

Here is a link to our 18' liner page. You'll have to pick the exact wall height and liner type, before viewing the patterns. http://www.inyopools.com/18-round-liner-wall-sizes.aspx

That pool could use an overlap, beaded, or j-hook style liner. I typically recommend j-hook because they are easy to install and do not require any other accessories like coping strips or bead receiver.

InyoRob posted this 26 August 2020

We do not sell used parts but I will send people to this thread if they have your pool.

BRO6121 posted this 14 July 2022

Know this post was two years ago, but I'm desperate so what the heck. Did you ever part out this pool? Or do you know where I can get parts? Also, do you know if this model use metal rails/wall channels to hold the liner in place?