Vgreen165 not working with Hayward On Command automation system

  • Last Post 04 February 2023
GiPop2022 posted this 03 February 2023

I recently had to install both a new variable speed pump and a Hayward OnCommand controller board. The pump works fine, however I can not get the On Command to talk with the Vgreen pump. There is little to no information out there about how to set the dip switches on the Vgreen motor, nor is there a clear interface document or trouble shooting guide. I bought the pump from you guys. Help is appreciated at this point. Thanks, 


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InyoRich posted this 03 February 2023

Hi GiPop and thank you for your question.  These are excellent motors and can easily pay for themselves in a short amount of time when they are programmed properly, but, without purchasing and installing additional hardware, the V-Green motors will only be able to be powered on or off by your OnCommand controller (by cutting or restoring the power via a relay).  The motor manufacturer offers a V-Green Automation Adapter Kit - 2517501-001 for your V-Green165 motor if you want full control from your OnCommand, but they have been incredibly difficult to find.  

Per the V-Green Owner's Manual, the dipswitches (Switch #1; the others have no function) on the motor only control the power to the RS-485 pins.  

The  Century Motor VLink - VL100 will allow you to control it remotely, but only by the manufacturer's app and not with your OnCommand.  

My opinion:  This is the motor manufacturer's first attempt at interfacing with other automation systems as well as remote (app-based) control, and, although the motor reviews have been great, the online reviews of the interfaces have not been stellar.  I would recommend leaving power applied to the pump all of the time and letting its onboard controller run the motor to the schedule you program in it or hook it up to the relay on your automation system and letting it power the motor on and off.

GiPop2022 posted this 04 February 2023

Thanks for your response InyoRich. You've confirmed what I was finding out from an interface manual for VGreen and Haward On Command. The disappointing thing in this whole experience is that the VGreen 165 motor has the same electrical connections as the Century Motor VLink - that would lead one like myself to believe that they are compatible interfaces. Otherwise, why go through the bother of making something same same. Also disappointing is that there is no advisement in the product description from Inyo Pools, nor is any of this mentioned in any of the videos about installing the VGreen motor. It's like Hayward doesn't exist, or the On Command system market is so small it's not worth mentioning. 

You're right, the Adapter kit is hard to find, and it is expensive - adding $270 to my costs. If someone could have given me some up front guidance I would have replaced with the same motor. I'll survive. The last thing I need to do here is just make the Pool and Spa heater operate manually. That sucks but I can live with that.