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AndrewG posted this 09 February 2018

Hey Pool Guys!

I have recently swapped my motor (followed your yotube video) to the Vgreen 165.  I couldn’t be happier and its SUPER quiet.  I do, however, have a wiring question. 

My old pump was wired to a 24-hour dial style timer.  With this new Century motor, should I eliminate the timer all together?  Without the digital interface on the 165, I'm unable to see a custom schedule (days of the week, on/off time) and I’m not too clear as of now what happens when the power to the motor is completely cut off at night.  An easy fix would be to keep the current wiring for power, and simply remove the on and off "trippers" on the dial there by bypassing the functionality of the dial timer and providing power to the pump 24 hours a day.  This would allow the motor to start and stop based on the presets and not the interruption of power.

Would there be any help with purchasing the Vlink interface in my case?  At nearly $300 I fear this would be neat toy for a month or so and then it would quickly lose its novelty once the pump is set.....

Thanks in advance!


InyoRob posted this 12 February 2018

Hello Andrew - We recommend using a timer with the 1.65 Vgreen. The timer would turn the V-Green motor on at a specific time and the motor would start on Step 1 and follow the programmed schedule.

The Vlink would give you the ability to change the schedule remotely as well as monitor the real-time energy usage. If that is something you wouldn't need, I would stick with the timer and make any adjustments directly on the motor control.

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