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BrentPool posted this 30 June 2022

Central TN, 36,000+gallons gunnite pool, 2 skimmers

I installed the ECM27CU variable speed motor two years ago and worked great for a little over a year. Since then it would start stop randomly. No Fault light was on and the screen would say "No Fault". I resolved it by first pressing Override again a few times fter it stopped. Then, I resorted to turning power off completely > then powering it up > switching from scheduled run or off-schedule to Override and it would run on Override as intended. This is the case for High Override (almost always my choice) or Low Speed Override. However, in the past few months, it stops much more frequently - particularly when I go from Step 2 or Step 3 of my schedule to High Speed Override. I observed that both the Power and Fault lights would be on and it would still say "No Fault" (!?) most of the times. My solution, again, was to turn power off (both on the motor as well as supply panel).

I pursued the troubleshooting routine in the manual (checked if it's overheated, cleaned area around motor, checked for any obstruction to the shaft, used compressed air to blow dust off the air grills) - all check ok - but the issue persists. I don't see any problem with the suction side or pressure side of the lines and filter, etc. I'm clueless and at wit's end. Anyone have this problem? I'd appreciate any ideas, pointers you may have. Thank you.

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InyoRich posted this 30 June 2022

I'm sorry to hear of this - I can only imagine how frustrating it must be.  Have you tried to manually turn the impeller or shaft (WITH THE POWER OFF!) to see if there may be an issue with the shaft seal binding up or the bearings binding?  Have you heard any strange noises from the motor or pump?

Another thought - is the control panel for the motor in an area that gets a lot of rain on it?  Maybe open the cover up (power off, of course) and check to see if anything looks wet or corroded.  I recommend getting a cheap plastic tub from your local home center to cover the control panel, though be sure to cut openings in it to allow the fan to cool the motor.  It is cheap insurance.

I doubt this would help, but have you tried a factory reset (see page 23 of the manual)? 

BrentPool posted this 30 July 2022

Rich, I tried everything you suggested, including cleaning up the grills, resetting, etc. But the problem persisted. Now I have a more serious problem. Last week it started making grating dounds and I turend the pump pff completely off completely as I had to go out of town. I came back and turne dit on to check again but there it no power at all. I'm certain it has nothign to do with supply and I checked at the source (breakers as well as the Intermatic intermediate). Also, I have two other pumps/motors (for the spa and jets) and both are working and show stable power. I bought this (ECM27CU) in June 2022 (installed in August 2022). As I said, it worked fine for the first year and it's been on and off for the past year. What is my recourse, please? Thank you!

InyoRich posted this 01 August 2022

Hi Brent, if everything is good (no issues with the impeller or motor shaft seal) then the bearings in the motor could be going bad which would cause the screeching sound, but it sounds like the motor controller might be bad as well if it has power to it but nothing lit on the control panel.  I'm sorry to say that you may need to replace the motor.  They have an 18-month warranty but, unfortunately, it looks like you are probably at least 6 months past that date.  

BrentPool posted this 01 August 2022

ouch! I should have started this process the first moment I saw it go down (power supply) and the sounds.... :-(  Can I call you about following up on this and other options since it is not in stock currently?

BrentPool posted this 01 August 2022

 I waded through a crazy maze of websites, numbers, and departments of Regal Rexnord (seems like a huge government bueaucracy and I'm bieng polite) and found someone who confirmed that the Century V-Green ECM27CU has been discontinued. The replacement motor is VG27C. INYO Pools says nothign about t; I guess you're still negotiating a distribution deal. I just wished you'd like a phone number or have the Chat working again or do anythign at all to be accessible to a buying prospect. If not a return customer/loyal patron hits a wall, what hope for a new prospect?!

InyoRich posted this 01 August 2022

I'm sorry about that.  Let us know the model of the pump that the motor is attached to and we will see what is available to replace it.  You can always call us at 877-372-6038.

BrentPool posted this 01 August 2022

Thanks, RIch. I'm on the call to that number. There was no clear choice for motors but I'm in pre-sales (not tech support). Looks like it's going to be a long long wait.

InyoRich posted this 01 August 2022

What is the model of the pump that it attaches to?  Feel free to send pictures of it and any labels on it so we can see what is available for you.


BrentPool posted this 05 January 2023

Thank you but I hope it helped someone navigate the maze better than I've been able to manage. As for the status of the VGreen. Too many things went wrong including - as Rich suspected in round3 - the ball bearings which for shot. I just dumped in my workshop and went back to 20th century and installed a single speed motor. In conclusion, as amply demonstrated, Regal Rexnord or whatever-t-f the actual name is - with its cycnical processes, non-existent customer service, horrible management - is a pos company. And I'm being polite. 

BrentPool posted this 17 January 2023

Sure, Firehose. The mode name of the pump is stupid-spammer-got-no-life.