I would like to be able to program more functions.  Currently, I can assign programmed times to the filter pump on and off, aux cleaner pump on and off, and the waterfall and lights on and off.  I would like to be able to program my Jandy 2.7 VSpd pump to run different speeds at assigned programmed times, add another 2 more JVAs and add a relay for my 72V DC pump on and off at assigned programmed times.

1) Can I upgrade my AquaLink RS-4 combo to the PS8 by simply changing the 50 pin circuit board on the back of my panel?  I do not have a spa. I think the installer had a RS 4 combo available at the time. 

2) What are the pros and cons of the All Button, the One Touch, and the Wireless One Touch control panel?  I only have the AquaLink app since my system did not come with a control panel.  I think I need one of the panels, but which one?