Universal Multi Port Valve for Anthony Apollo filter

  • Last Post 13 May 2022
ScottBlalo posted this 04 May 2022


I ordered a universal multi port valve (https://www.inyopools.com/Products/00101352063737.htm) to connect to my Anthony Apollo filter.

The valve has labels on the ports: Pump, Return, Waste, Top, and Bottom.  I assume the Top and Bottom are for the filter inlet and outlet.  Is Top for the filter inlet and Bottom for the filter outlet?  

The Apollo filter inlet is on the bottom and the outlet is on the top, so I'm thinking I should be connecting the valve in the opposite way (the port labeled Top would go to the bottom pipe on the Apollo filter).

Thank you!

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InyoRich posted this 06 May 2022

Hi Scott, DE filters and sand filters are plumbed a bit differently.  What was the model of the old valve?

ScottBlalo posted this 13 May 2022

The old valve was an Anthony bronze push pull valve: https://www.inyopools.com/pool_parts_anthony_push_pull_valve.aspx