Trying to choose a heater for 24' round above ground pool in Rochester, NY

  • Last Post 09 March 2020
AaronAndLaura posted this 08 March 2020

Hi, We have a 24' above ground pool with no heater, and this year we plan to purchase a heater. We've been researching our options endlessly and just can't decide what to get. Seems getting a gas heater may be the way to go, as it will heat the pool much more quickly. We were looking at this one:

But we were wondering whether 150,000 BTUs would be sufficient, or whether we should be looking at a higher BTU heater? Any help or guidance or suggestions would be very appreciated. Thank you!

InyoRob posted this 09 March 2020

I would recommend going with a 200k btu heater. A 200k btu gas heater would give you about a 1.25° rise per hour. Check out the Raypak model PR206AEP. That is a propane model with an electronic ignition.

Raypak Heater 206000 BTU LP ELE - PR206AEP